Frienship First

This six-session course is designed to help ordinary Christians to relate to Muslims as people. It is written for Christians who have little or no knowledge of the subject and can be run in church home groups or larger seminar settings.

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Steve Bell's, Grace For Muslims

Grace for Muslims

Is it possible for Christians to relate to Muslims without being politically naive or theologically liberal? Steve Bell believes that it is. He shares his own quest to understand and develop a response and reflects upon how he arrived at the crucial ingredient – grace.

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Steve Bell's, Working With God And People

Working with God and People

These are the keynotes given at Interserve India’s “family gathering” in written form. It is booklet three in the new ‘Mission Life and Practice’ series. The booklet explores how the Great Command to love, is the spirit in which we must engage in the Great Commission. We are both a community of disciples and a discipling community.

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Steve Bell & C Chapman, Between Naivety and Hostility

Between Naivety & Hostility

This book contains the wisdom and experience of twenty recognised Christians who are involved in Muslim-Christian relations in Britain. The hard issues are addressed head-on and we are shown how to avoid naivety and hostility by acting biblically and in the spirit of Jesus Christ.

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Steve Bell's book, Gospel For Muslims

Gospel For Muslims

‘Christians should be like trees rooted in their own culture, not like TV aerials receiving a foreign message from elsewhere.’ – Bishop Teqani Tafti of Iran. We cannot expect people from Muslim backgrounds to become like Anglo Saxons in order to follow Jesus. This book helps us distinguish between what is biblical and what is merely the product of our own culture.

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