Revival & the house of Islam?

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A trigger behind the upsurge in Islamist violence may lie in the fact that we are in the midst of the greatest turning of Christ among Muslims in history. Warren Cole-Smith has written about the process that led David Garrison to research the facts which led to his book – ‘A Wind in the House of Islam’.

Dr. David Garrison had 25 years’ mission experience before travelling a quarter of a million miles around the – so called – Muslim world, to interview more than 1,000 followers of Jesus from Muslim backgrounds.

It now seems appropriate to call this a “revival” because Garrison believes that between 5 and 7 million Muslims have changed allegiance to Jesus in the past two decades. Impressive research backs-up this claim in his book – A Wind in the House of Islam.

In the book, Garrison doesn’t sugar-coat the horrific behaviour of Islamists but he does insist that this is only part of the story because more Muslims are turning to Christ now than at any time in history.

Garrison discovered that there are movements of Muslims to Christ of at least 1,000 believers within a single community who have been baptised; and over 100 churches planted over the last two decades. Sixty-nine of these movements have been formed in the last twenty years, from West Africa to Indonesia and everywhere in between.

One example is Iran where the Ayatollah Khomeini proved to be the most effective evangelist in Iran’s history. Through him, perhaps hundreds of thousands of Iranians have walked away in the last few decades – including those who have come to Christ and been baptised.

Garrison, a Southern Baptist brings a healthy dose of scepticism to bear on the fact that supernatural things are happening that are out of the ordinary, such as dreams and visions, Muslims are having their sleep disturbed by visitations and by answered prayers.

Some senior leaders in Muslim communities are testifying to being baptized after having met Jesus. They are saying they are willing to die for Christ. There have been 82 movements of Muslims to Christ – 69 have occurred since the year 2000. At least 1,000 baptisms and 100 churches have been planted over two decades.

The numbers are yet small – compared to the 1.6 billion strong house of Islam – because less than 1.5 percent have been touched by the gospel to date. Nevertheless the point is that 84 percent of all movements to Christ among Muslims that have ever happened are happening now.

Islam may yet prove to be another ‘school master’ (Gals.3:24-25) which holds Muslims in a “pre-evangelised” state, in which they can transition to Christ.



Source:, July 2014

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