Student expelled over views on sexuality

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Secularists don’t like to hear it but the Judeo-Christian heritage is an important part of human rights and free speech; without which secularism itself couldn’t operate. It seeks to erode biblical values in society, which is leading us backwards to repression. Social-work is a fairly reliable “weather-sock” that shows how this insidious wind is blowing. Another casualty of the ‘liberal left’ is a student of social work, who was expelled for expressing biblical values on sexuality.

At Easter Theresa May affirmed that: ‘We treasure our tradition of religious tolerance and freedom of speech…We must ensure people speak about their faith’. However, Felix Ngole was dismissed from Sheffield University for sharing a biblical view about sexuality.

A committed Christian, Felix first made his comments in Sept 2015 in connection with the case of the American Kim Davis – a marriage county clerk in the State of Kentucky who expressed a conscientious objection to issuing “marriage” certificates to same-sex couples. Felix expressed support for Kim Davis’s freedom, explaining what he saw as biblical teaching on sexual ethics.

Nearly two months later, Felix received an email from a University official telling him his comments were being investigated and summoning him to a meeting. He was eventually told the Faculty of Social Sciences Fitness to Practise Committee had ruled that he should be removed from the course stating he was to be:

“…excluded from a programme leading to a professional qualification” and was “no longer recognised as a university student… By posting his comments on Facebook he may have caused offence to some individuals and had transgressed boundaries which are not deemed appropriate for someone entering the Social Work profession.”

An internal complaints body found the University had acted fairly when it dismissed Felix. So, on 20 April 2017 he brought a legal challenge at the High Court where he is asking for a judicial review of the university’s decision to effectively bar him from becoming a social worker. The decision is to be scrutinised in light of human rights law, including the freedom to manifest one’s faith.

Felix believes: ‘The University’s decision to exclude…effectively creates a bar to public service for Christians; it amounts to the secret policing of Christian belief and he remains determined to challenge the decision because of its wider consequences for freedom of religion and freedom of expression.

‘The Prime Minister’s Easter comment fails to appreciate what Christians like me have gone through. I have lost my education and my career simply for doing what Theresa May says we should have the freedom to do – to speak about our faith.’

‘If universities make their own arbitrary decisions, who is monitoring the decisions? How can we ensure there is good, fair and equal assessment of such issues? Also I wonder if the University would have done this if a Muslim student who believed Islamic teaching about sexuality had made similar comments on Facebook. I don’t think so.’

Andrea Williams (Chief Executive of the Christian Legal Centre) said:  ‘The University’s treatment of Felix fundamentally violates its responsibilities under human rights legislation. The University has failed to protect freedom of speech under Article 10 and freedom of religion under Article 9 of the European Convention of Human Rights. Students are entitled to discuss and debate their own personal views on their own Facebook page.

 ‘Felix has worked with people who identify as homosexual, treating them with respect and kindness. What he shared on his Facebook page simply reflects biblical teaching on sexual behaviour.’ 

‘Sadly, this is yet another case of Christians being punished in the public arena, and of censorship of views. We will help Felix fight this through the Courts.’

Clearly it’s time to pray into the battle for the soul of the nation!

Source: Christian Concern


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