Identity politics – when will the madness end?

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I have said for 20 years that the more pernicious danger facing western societies – by far – is not Islamism (nor indeed even Islam) but rather the liberal left-wing vision for society. Here’s more about what’s quietly going on and how it’s affecting life as Jews, Christians and Muslims have known it.   

The brutal dynamic of ISIS is more obvious to see because it’s a clear expression of the bestial (Beast) aspect of ‘Babylon’ in the book of Revelation. But a more subtle expression is the dogma of the ‘liberal left’, which is a manifestation of the seductive (Harlot) aspect using mental, moral and physical seduction. This is by far the greater threat to Judeo-Christian historic values; far more so than Islam (let alone Islamism).

Writer Frank Browning (1) has said: ‘Universities are the ever-sensitive barometers of social change’. Such American establishments are routinely asking students to choose their preferred personal pronoun; providing gender neutral toilets and free counselling for transsexual students.

It’s thought that about one child in every 1,250 is born “intersex” or hermaphrodite (i.e. with genitalia and chromosomes of both genders); yet a whole “pan-gender” ideology is growing up championed by writers such as Rogers Brubaker (2) who goes much further than a mere solution to birth anomalies to insist that the concept of ‘gender’ and ‘race’ are social constructs which means that everyone should have the right to be “trans-gender” or “trans-racial”. This means to actually choose your own gender or ethnic identity as a new human right rather than natural assignment.

In the UK a senior lecturer at Hull University told students they would be marked down if they didn’t use “gender sensitive” language; by which he didn’t mean the politically correct inserting as many uses of “she” as “he”. It means avoiding all gender pronouns – “he”, “she”, “his” or “hers”.

Some schools in America and Scandinavia encourage children to decide if they want to be male or female on any given day. A kindergarten in Oslo seeks to eradicate all “gendered behaviour” in the very young.

Apparently universities are concerned to protect students from any views that may ‘disturb their equilibrium’ – poor things! Radio presenter Jenni Murray of BBC’s Woman’s Hour dared to suggest that men who claim to have changed gender should not call themselves women. As an act of ‘free speech’ (the sarcasm is my own), Oxford students tried to have her banned from speaking at the Oxford literary festival.

It’s now thought that 60% of British universities actively censor any speech, which contradicts the “new orthodoxy”. The emerging ideology is driven by ‘true believers’ who genuinely see it as a fight against “evil”. They are striving to change the campus into some sort of ‘secular holy space’ where any vestige of ‘white privilege’ (I speak as a black person) is tantamount to original sin. Victim groups of the ‘sinned against’ are propitiated by being awarded hermetically sealed ‘safe-space’.

Charles Murray, a conservative American scholar at Middlebury College Vermont, wrote a controversial piece about genetics, which led to him being ambushed by violent protesters who left a professor who tried to intervene, with a neck injury that needed a neck brace.

Such students redefine “violence” as any words that could negatively impact members of a “victim group”. As a result, speech or silence could be assault, while actual physical violence is seen as “self-defence” against “offence”.

Those who identify as being “victims” have tended to be given a ‘free pass’ for bad behaviour, while demonising all who disagree. People are required to behave in accordance with the new definition of “goodness”, which is – for them – how the world should work. This “coerced virtue” is an implacable dogma that’s not easy to pin down, let alone challenge

George Orwell, in his essay Politics and the English Language observed how the debasement of politics and the corruption of the language go hand-in-hand so thought can corrupt language as much as language can corrupt thought. It’s so effective that 12% of students are conservative, compared to 75% ‘liberal-left’ in a sort of ‘political purification’ of universities.

Both are poisoning one another to the point where Universities – which are supposed to be a crucible of ideas and the exercise of reason – are turning into instruments of the suppression of free thinking and a growing tool for the coercion of the western mind to become irrational and closed. ‘Professing themselves to be wise, they have become fools.’ (Rom.1:22)


Sources:  Adapted from an article by Melanie Phillips, Identity Politics madness is no longer a joke, The Times 4 April 2017, pg26

(1)    Frank Browning, The Fate of Gender – nature, nurture and the human future, Bloomsbury

(2)    Rogers Brubaker, Trans: Gender and Race in an age of unsettled identities, Princeton University Press




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