Miracles among Muslims

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Children in Indonesia

Marilyn Hickey recently visited Indonesia to speak in Jakarta and Solo.

The archipelago nation with more than 17,000 islands, Indonesia has the largest Muslim population on earth.

Indonesians are open to the gospel, especially to healing and miracles.

Marilyn identified how Jesus can be seen in every book of the Bible and a study guide was distributed in the local language so it continues to be used throughout the nation.

A young pastor in Solo who is 33 years old was raised a Buddhist but became a follower of Jesus at the age of 12 when he was invited to church and heard the audible voice of God calling him to become a pastor.

A pastor was studying to be a medical doctor but his plans seemed thwarted by a virus that took away the feeling in his legs and feet – an family affliction experienced by his brothers. The family doctor said he would be paralyzed within weeks.

The pastor took Mark 11:23 literally saying: ‘If I can speak to mountains and they will move, I can speak to my legs and feet, and they will move.’

One day on the bus to college, he heard the Holy Spirit say: “Jump!” It was a distance to jump from the bus step to the curb, but he obeyed. Immediately his legs and feet regained strength and he was healed. He ran all the way to his classroom then ran up and down the stairs in the three-story building.

Indonesian LadyHe also witnessed another unusual miracle when a blind Muslim woman came to a meeting. After a ‘word of knowledge’ (1 Cor.12:8) about her condition. She stood up in faith and immediately began to see light and images.

Marilyn encourages people everywhere to pray for the revealing of Jesus to Muslims who make up one-fifth of the world’s population.

In a Chinese restaurant in Jakarta, at the table next to Marilyn’s, a man sat in a straight chair – he was paralyzed. Marilyn felt the Lord was saying: ‘Go and pray for his healing.’ The man agreed so she prayed through an interpreter for healing. There were no visible results at the time, but when Marilyn went to pay the bill, the man had paid her bill. Marilyn is amazed how people respond to love and prayer in the name of Jesus.

Another Indonesian pastor who has accompanied Marilyn on gospel and healing meetings in Pakistan has returned there several times and became instrumental in establishing around 48 new fledgling Pakistani congregations.

Marilyn has also had opportunities in Iran which she believes is going to have a visitation of the Holy Spirit. She plans to return to speak there in a university accompanied by a mullah. Marilyn plans to share with Muslim Iranians, the teaching about healing in the Bible.

She is convinced and says: “One thing I know – Jesus loves the lost.”

Photo Credits: Top Image, Lower Image (both Flickr Creative Commons)

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