Egypt Will Not Implode: The encouraging story untold by western media

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Egypt during Arab Spring

The ‘grace and truth’ perspective helps identify what the media often misses, due to an inability to interpret events that have a spiritual significance in the, so called, Muslim world.

Here is a typical case in point. God is working his purpose out in the midst of suffering as we journey through AD history, as described in the book of Revelation, which will ultimately usher in the world-wide reign of Christ!

The following is reported by a personal colleague of mine, the Egyptian leader – Ramez Atallah,  General Director of the Bible Society of Egypt.


When more than 85 Churches and institutions were viciously attacked and burned (a profound blow of disgrace and humiliation in this culture of “honour”), the non-retaliation of Christians was both unexpected and unprecedented.

Immediately following these attacks, the leader of the Coptic Church, Pope Tawadros II said that if the destruction of these properties was the price Christians in Egypt have to pay to get a free Egypt, then that sacrifice is worthwhile!  His – and all other Christian leaders’ messages – have helped the Christian spirit of forgiveness to be powerfully demonstrated in Egypt.

This practical application of Christ’s teaching by millions of Egyptian Christians should have made worldwide headline news!

Many Egyptian Christian leaders are reminding their flock that the Church consists of the people of God, Christ’s body, and not the buildings in which we worship. Thus the Church can never be destroyed!

Egypt is not on the verge of civil war! On the contrary, most Egyptian Muslims and Christians are more united than ever in their common vision for the future, as together they have rejected extremist “Political Islam,” and are working towards the noble task of establishing a civil society which recognizes all Egyptians as equal citizens.

Egypt, however, faces incredible social, economic, cultural and political challenges as it tries to rebuild after three years of radical change and confusion. As a result, many Egyptians are weary and pessimistic about the present situation in their country.

Most of our leaders, however, see beyond these difficulties towards a better Egypt. As a Bible Society we are seeking to make a positive contribution by providing a variety of Scripture products (print and electronic). One of our projects is a special edition of the Sermon on the Mount (in which Jesus presents principles of His Kingdom which reflect the aspirations of many Egyptians at this time), and a variety of tracts taken from it, for wide distribution.

Pray for wisdom and protection as we rebuild our two destroyed bookshops. We are most grateful for the many gifts we have received towards this task and are trusting God to supply all our needs during this difficult period.

Thank you so much for your many messages of encouragement and your prayers and support.

Warm greetings in Christ

Ramez Atallah
General Director
The Bible Society of Egypt

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