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‘Faith schools’ – Ofsted tries to crack down (No.6)

Another reason why I disagree with faith schools is that poor practice is used by right-wing elements to attack faith in public space when faith schools aren’t run to the nationally agreed standard. This edited report shows how when the Department of Education tries to shut down poorly run faith […]

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Why I disagree with “faith schools” (Part 5)

The following questions (in bold) have been put to me in response to earlier blogs on ‘faith schools’. They are further evidence that we all bring a mental map to the issue about how the world works – or we would like it to work. 1.            If we want religious […]

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Why I disagree with “faith schools” (Part 4)

A reader kindly sent me a brochure of a Christian organisation that promotes the ‘extraction’ of the children of Christians from state schools, in order to place them in a Christian Schools or else to home-school them. I believe children are ‘socialised’ by exposure to others. Here are some points […]

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