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And the gospel is…?

Jesus is the ‘good news’ (i.e. gospel) which is about both grace and truth (Jn.1:14,17). Evangelicals tend to disagree about how to convey it to Muslims without defaulting to either verbal combat or merely being nice. The two need holding in creative tension – but how does that work? In […]

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And “evangelism” is…? (Pt. 2)

While Evangelicals tend to agree about the “content” of the gospel, they can differ on how it is to be “conveyed”. The ‘grace and truth’ response to Muslims helps by providing a relational context, which both honours the truth we preach while extending courtesy to the one preached to?  Actually […]

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And “evangelism” is…..?

The biggest response to my blog – ever – was for the provocative title ‘Don’t Evangelise Muslims!’  I tried to provoke Christians to think through what “evangelism” is and it became clear that we all agree on the “content” but differ widely on the “conveying” of that content. So what […]

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