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Who is “Vicar of Baghdad”?

Canon Andrew White has been kidnapped in Baghdad, given all his money away, adopted six children, suffers from MS, is a raving Tory, an old-fashioned eccentric, and a passionate campaigner for peace in the Middle East. So who is he and is he a modern saint? The son of a […]

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Nadiya Hussain: a Muslim role-model?

At a time when young British Muslim role-models are badly needed, Nadiya Hussain has single-handedly done more than most to foster social cohesion in Britain. While many “respect” Pakistani Malala Yousafzai for her heroic stance against the Taliban, what is it about Nadiya that provokes the nation to “love” her? […]

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EU – now what?

For the first time since 1975, Britons have had the opportunity to determine their own future in Europe. It’s a slightly frightening but wonderful feeling to have possibly triggered a “European Spring”, though not via civil unrest but the ballot-box. In the 1975 referendum on joining what was called the […]

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