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Islam – about politics or people?

Like “Brexit” or “Remain”, people differ about whether the issue is “Islam as a political/theological issue” or “Muslims as people”. Some Christians are more about a perceived mandate to defeat Islam, rather than the Great Commission to win Muslims. I’ve just moved house to an area with a well-established diaspora […]

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Will religion determine the Referendum?

Pundits recognise that ‘religious extremism’ and the ‘migrant crisis’ have religious undertones, yet we still find it difficult to recognize, understand or report the religious dimension of political phenomena. The EU Referendum struggles to see any further than mere economics. A recent survey showed that 54% of those identifying as “Christian” […]

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Ramadan – fasting during exams?

This year Ramadan falls during the GCSE and A level ‘exam season’. 3,000 schools in England & Wales have sent guidance to Muslim homes about fasting during exams. Is this “over-accommodating” for ethnic minorities; or of Islam’s incompatibility with the modern world? The Islamic calendar is “lunar”, moving through the […]

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