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Minister to Refugees with integrity

I have just been in a European consultation – ‘Engaging with Muslims in Europe’. The so called “refugee highway” was in the frame; along with the issue of how to serve vulnerable Muslims without preying on them in their plight. The British ‘Christian Muslim Forum’ has already worked to agree […]

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Why Syrian Christians back Assad

Individuals and groups in Syria are being forced to choose between support for the Government or one of the opposition groups. Facing a rock and a hard place, many Christians are choosing Assad. Below I abridge eye-witness reporting from John Pontifex. On a trip to Christian communities in Syria many […]

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Let the refugees in – every last one!

Rev. Dr. Canon Giles Fraser is difficult to pigeon-hole; one moment he sounds orthodox, the next liberal and the next Evangelical – he speaks without fear or favour, which is perhaps why some call him the ‘loose Canon’ while others, on occasions, sense the voice of a prophet. In Sept 2015 he […]

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