Christians disagree about how to respond to Islam and Muslims. Attitudes reveal either polite hostility or naivety. This blog promotes a middle way between Christianity and Islam – namely Jesus Christ. This helps Christians to engage in the Great Commission of Christ to reach all peoples (including Muslims), with the truth of the gospel; while doing this in the ‘spirit’ of the Great Command of Christ to love our neighbour as ourselves. This balance is the “grace and truth” response, that gave this blog its name.

My aim in this blog is to achieve two things – firstly to provide a permanent contact-point for the tens of thousands of people I have met on my speaking engagements or who have heard a recording of mine from previous events; secondly the blog is a place where you can interact with topics raised by the postings I make. I hope it will cover the issues people such as you are facing; if not do make contact and raise the issue.

Steve Bell

Steve Bell Speaking at keswickA mission leader, analyst, trainer and author, Steve is a recognised cross-cultural communicator with 35 years’ experience in 100 countries.

He taught Muslims at an inner-city multi-cultural school in the UK and then adults in the Middle East. He studied Linguistics in Cairo and Islamics at Nottingham University, All Nations Christian College, Evangelical Seminary Cairo and Southern Cross College Sydney and has directed Carey College and Action Partners (formerly SUM). He is currently Director of Interserve in England & Wales.

Steve is author of Friendship First, Grace for Muslims and Gospel for Muslims and co-edited Between Naivety & Hostility.

As well as being a regular speaker at Spring Harvest, Keswick Convention, New Wine and the conferences of FIEC and AOG, Steve networks with community and church leaders and parliamentarians.

His passion is to facilitate ‘ordinary’ Christians discussing good news with ‘ordinary’ Muslims with an attitude of grace and truth.

Steve is married to Julia, a senior teacher and they are “owned” by a mentally deranged Siamese cat called Izzy.