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Attitudes towards Muslims range from polite hostility to naivety. Christians need help to engage in the Great Commission of Christ to bear witness, in the ‘spirit’ of the Great Command of Christ to love. This balance is the "grace and truth" response, which gave rise to the title of this blog. Find out more »

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The Great Commission for Muslims? (Part 1)

In order to try and ‘raise the bar’ of good practice in Christian witness to Muslims, I recently asked questions such as “What is the gospel?”; “What does it mean to evangelise or preach?”. My point of reference was Matthew’s Gospel which doesn’t even mention preaching. So do I believe […]

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Can a “nation” practise Christianity? (Part 2)

It’s hard to understand Europe without a grasp of Christianity’s role in shaping it. The old sacred/secular divide is disappearing as religion (not least Islamic) crashes into ‘public space’. But can Christians help a bewildered secular society to find its bearings?    Last time I pointed out that it’s ‘individuals’ […]

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Can a “nation” practise Christianity? (Part 1)

Hitler’s Germany almost destroyed Europe by “pathological nationalism”. It now threatens it by “pathological altruism” as Angela Merkel makes history by inviting the world into Germany – a move that may yet trigger the demise of the EU. Has it ever occurred to you that the instinct to defend the […]

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