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Attitudes towards Muslims range from polite hostility to naivety. Christians need help to engage in the Great Commission of Christ to bear witness, in the ‘spirit’ of the Great Command of Christ to love. This balance is the "grace and truth" response, which gave rise to the title of this blog. Find out more »

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Ofsted – state regulator of religion?

Just before Christmas I spoke on Islam at a Christian training college. To do so I am now required by law to fill in a form ensuring I won’t stir up religious hatred. Church youth events are also coming under the scrutiny of anti-radicalisation measures. This blog piece describes where […]

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Why I disagree with faith schools (No.7)

This topic has received the best post-bag ever! People are split down the middle on the issue for and against. I find it’s hard to persuade busy people to do a guest blog BUT they are happier to respond to something they question in mine; so the plan is that […]

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‘Faith schools’ – Ofsted tries to crack down (No.6)

Another reason why I disagree with faith schools is that poor practice is used by right-wing elements to attack faith in public space when faith schools aren’t run to the nationally agreed standard. This edited report shows how when the Department of Education tries to shut down poorly run faith […]

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