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Attitudes towards Muslims range from polite hostility to naivety. Christians need help to engage in the Great Commission of Christ to bear witness, in the ‘spirit’ of the Great Command of Christ to love. This balance is the "grace and truth" response, which gave rise to the title of this blog. Find out more »

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Social media – chosen tool of terror?

The newly elected British government is setting up a “Commission for Countering Extremism” to work on everything from creating new criminal offences to fostering better social integration. The common-sense measures will likely include things such as internment; tagging; denying internet access; and the right to confiscate a passport. But the […]

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Who says Muslims don’t condemn Islamism?

Over the past 20 years the national conversation about British Muslims has moved in the right direction. We now separate the “Islamist” from the “ordinary” Muslim. To realise there are “bad” and “good” Muslims is a helpful step on the national journey to ‘social cohesion’. I am still hearing the […]

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God’s works but not where we expect

In this guest blog, Andrew Smith reports on churches in Muslim communities around Birmingham. He reflects on the ways of God in “his” mission in the world. What is he doing and how can Evangelicals co-operate with him in it? Church No.1                                                                                                                                                                               A church invited a group from a Shia […]

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