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Attitudes towards Muslims range from polite hostility to naivety. Christians need help to engage in the Great Commission of Christ to bear witness, in the ‘spirit’ of the Great Command of Christ to love. This balance is the "grace and truth" response, which gave rise to the title of this blog. Find out more »

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Identity politics – more sinister than ISIS?

Heads are turned by Islamic violence while behind our backs the Judeo-Christian heritage is being subtly eroded – the latest casualty is the concept of “gender”. The Bible says: ‘In the beginning God created humankind male and female’ (Gen.1:27-28) that can ‘increase and multiply’ but the secularist ‘liberal-left’ now says […]

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The silence of the lambs

Over Easter, America and North Korea postured for power. Some question whether the teaching of Jesus could work in today’s political environment but the Easter event defines true “power” as gentle restraint not aggression. It’s the silence of the Lamb of God that can (at times) be pure wisdom for […]

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And the real cause of Islamic radicalism is…?

Popular opinion agrees that Islamism is evil with the problem rooted in an “ideology”. While this is true as far as it goes, Baroness Sayedda Warsi points to a twist. In her new book – ‘The Enemy Within – a tale of Muslim Britain’ – Lady Warsi says the root-cause […]

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